Get a crypto-backed loan

Don’t sell your crypto if you don’t have to

Loan currency:

  • EUR
  • USD
  • USDT

Сollateral currency:

  • BTC
  • LTC
  • LINK
  • ETH
  • XRP
  • XLM

Loan term

  • 7 days
  • 1 month
  • 3 months
  • 1 year
  • : 70%

  • : 95%

Total repayment amount 202.54 USD

Interest amount 0.54 USD

Annual interest rate 14%

  • Service fee 2.00 USD
  • Repayment date Dec 16, 2023

How it works


How can I get a loan?

The loan procedure is as simple as possible. Register a CEX.IO account if you are a new user. Transfer Bitcoin or Etherium to the wallet in your account. Make a calculation on the calculator, agree to the terms and get a loan.

How can I withdraw the loan?

You can withdraw funds from your account using any available method: bank payment, instant withdrawal to your credit card, or send them to a Skrill. More information is available in your account

What are the minimum loan terms?

Interest rates starting from 8%. The minimum amount we can lend is USD 500 or EUR 500, with a minimum term of 7 days. LTV varies from 30% to 60% and depends on the selected currencies. Please use the loan form to get the exact terms and conditions.

What is the maximum loan size?

You can borrow up to USD 100,000 or EUR per loan automatically. To request a higher loan limit please contact the customer service or your account manager.

What countries are you working in?

Crypto loans are available in almost all countries except: USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, American Samoa, United States Minor Outlying Islands, Japan and the sanctioned countries that are listed in the CEX.IO terms. We are working hard to ensure compliance in every country, territory and jurisdiction where it’s a requirement, funds can be transferred to and from customers wherever they are.

Do I have to verify my account to get a loan?

Your account must be at the Address stage. Please note, if you are going to withdraw the loan (rather than use it for trading at CEX.IO, for example), you need to check that the loan amount matches the level of your verification. Please check the information about withdrawal limits or upgrade the verification when necessary.

What happens if I do not repay the loan on time?

To help you not to miss the loan repayment date, you will be notified repeatedly by email of this event before that date. If you miss the repayment date, your loan will automatically be extended for 7 days. In this case, you will be charged an additional overdue interest of 0.25% of the loan amount (which is approximately the 13% annual interest rate). You will receive an email notification of the loan extension with all the details.

If you miss a payment at the end of the extended period, your credit will be extended again for 7 days. In this way, the loan can be extended as many times as you wish while your collateral is sufficient to secure the debt. Please note that you pay for each extension of the loan. Your loan debt increases with each extension, and the extension period and the overdue interest, are subject to change at our discretion.

What will happen, and what should I do, if the collateral value drops?

The collateral value must always exceed the amount of the loan debt. If the collateral value drops slightly (say by 5%), nothing is likely to happen to your loan. In case of a significant decrease in collateral value, there is a higher risk that the collateral will no longer be able to secure the loan debt. If the collateral value exceeds the liquidation LTV of the loan debt, we will have to liquidate the collateral asset. LTV liquidation rate is specified in the loan form and varies from 65% (for example, for loans backed by LINK) to 95% (for loans backed by BTC).

You will be charged a liquidation fee if there is a liquidation. Liquidation means the sale of collateral on the market by market order. The amount received after liquidation is used to repay the loan debt (which includes the loan amount, accrued interest and commissions). To reduce the risk of loan liquidation, you can add more collateral at any time, thus increasing the value of the loan collateral and reducing LTV.

If the value of your collateral is reduced smoothly, we will notify you by email that the value of your collateral is decreasing and the risk of liquidation is thereby increasing, and you can reduce the risk of liquidation by adding more collateral. Certainly, if the value of the collateral decreases and the risk of liquidation increases, you can repay the debt in the full at any time and close the loan.

Can I get a crypto loan without collateral?

Unfortunately, that isn't possible. Crypto collateral assets secure the loan, and allows us to issue loans quickly; not only protecting yourselves, our business, but the sort of asset-free bubbles that have caused chaos in the traditional financial sector.

Can I repay my loan early and what do I need to know about it?

You can repay your loan early. It can be done in your account using the Repay button in loan details.

In case of early repayment, the loans over 3000 EUR (or 3500 USD, or 3500 USDC) are subject to an early repayment fee of 0.5% of the loan amount. The total repayment amount, including fees, cannot exceed the amount you have to repay at the end of the original term. This means, in case of early repayment you will have to repay either the same or less.

Can I become a lender?

Unfortunately not for now, but stay tuned for announcements.

Will the collateral I put up earn interest?

No, as this is a cryptocurrency asset, the value of the underlying asset may go up or down, but it isn’t possible for our customers (or ourselves) to earn interest from this. During  the time the asset is collateral, it may increase or decrease, depending on the movements of cryptocurrency markets at the time.

What is LTV?

Loan-to-Value. A tool used in the financial industry (traditional and crypto) that shows the relative value of your loan compared to the collateral value. A higher LTV means a higher risk of collateral liquidation. We will notify you if the LTV becomes too high. In this case, you will be able to add more collateral to reduce LTV or repay the loan early.

How is the Loan to Value ratio determined?

We have determined a careful risk-assessed loan to value (LTV) for cryptocurrency assets posted as collateral for loans. Our risk-based assessments allow for significant movements in the value of crypto-assets, before any triggering event can occur. The current LTV varies from 30% to 60% and depends on the selected currencies. In the event of this changing, we would notify all loan holders, and current loan applicants immediately, to agree a plan of action, for adjusting all LTV ratios.

What happens if my loan approaches a trigger event?

In the event of the crypto-assets put up as collateral reducing in value significantly, such as 80% of the loan to value (LTV), we contact you via email to alert you that action may need to be taken. This can involve putting more funds in as collateral or paying the loan, depending on your cash flow and other related circumstances.

How does the loan repayment go?

Once you get a loan, full information about it will be available in your account. You can repay the loan on this page at the end of the term you specify, or anytime before this date. We will notify you of the due date by email to help you not miss a payment.

Is there any impact on my credit score for receiving a loan this way?

No, we ensure there is no impact on your credit file. We do not conduct a soft or hard search, which means your file is not going to suffer any negative impact for receiving a cryptocurrency-backed loan.

What tax implications are there for receiving a loan this way?

CEX.IO is unable to advise customers on potential tax implications. We recommend consulting the relevant tax laws in your country or jurisdiction, and speaking with your accountant. As a general rule, loans are rarely considered or taxed as revenue; although again we recommend speaking with an accountant to fully understand any potential tax implications.

How secure is my personal data?

CEX.IO works hard to ensure your personal data is secure, according to GDPR and other legislative compliance guidelines we follow in the UK, where the company is registered. For more information please see our Privacy Policy.

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